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Dobner Aluminium Strip Ceilings, Types K 34/ K 84/ K 134/ K 184/ K 284
Item 1 approx. .......m² dobner aluminium strip ceiling, Type .......,
(sharp-edged), 12.5 mm profile height, visible face matt white (similar to RAL 9010), stove-enamelled, rear site coated with protective paint, supply and professional installation of the above.

Supplier: Dobner Construction Ltd, Grenzweg 7, 03246 Crinitz, Germany
Phone +49 (0) 30/421 98 130, Fax +49 (0) 030/421 98 135

K 34 Strip base width 34 mm, closed joint 16 mm, module size 50 mm, thickness 0.5 mm
K 84 Strip base width 84 mm, closed joint 16 mm, module size 100 mm, thickness 0.5 mm
K 134 Strip base width 150 mm, closed joint 16 mm, module size 150 mm, thickness 0.5 mm
K 184 Strip base width 184 mm, closed joint 16 mm, module size 200mm, thickness 0.6 mm
K 284 Strip base width 284 mm, closed joint 16 mm, module size 300 mm, thickness 0.7 mm

Special colours in accordance with standard colour chart.

Top-hat-shaped steel mounting rails, 36 mm high, 0.5 mm thick, galvanised and black stove-enamelled (alternatively aluminium mounting rails 0.8 mm thick) are suspended from the structural soffit by means of suspension rods and quick-action suspension fixtures. Suspension height: ....... cm.
The spacing between mounting rails is max. 1.20 m, and the spacing between suspension fictures is max. 1.50 m.
The furring must be perfectly aligned.
The punched recesses in the mounting rails then serve to accommodate the strips.

The strips are additionally perforated in order to improve sound absorption, hole 2 mm, hole spacing 5 mm diagonal, free cross-section 16 %. All perforated strip types have the designation kp.

Item 2 approx. .......m²

Sound-absorbing covering made od ....... mm thick mineral wool boards, visible face with black tissue.
Item 3 approx. .......m run

Wall junctions, provision of the above with aluminium wall angle edge sections, dimensions 24 x 24 mm, material thickness 0.6 mm, stove enamelled in the colour of strips.

Item 4 approx. .......ea.

Installation and mounting of the strip light fittings (ceiling luminaires) to be provided by the Owner (connection by electrical installation company). See construction drwaing for light fitting distribution.

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